The Twelve Days of Christmas

by Corn Mo

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released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Corn Mo Brooklyn, New York

Corn Mo has toured America and Europe with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, The Pontani Sisters, Wheatus, Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants and the Polyphonic Spree. He has written 6 albums including 3 with his band .357 Lover. He is currently writing a musical based on the life of Grizzly Adams. ... more

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Track Name: First Day of Christmas
I got you an Orange Julius at home.
Track Name: Second Day of Christmas
Some shells I saved from my seafood diet.
Track Name: Third Day of Christmas
Open it. A photo of someone i don’t know that i found at a friend’s house sometime at the end of my 8th grade year.
Track Name: Fourth Day of Christmas
It’s an empty tissue box. You can hide money in it and you know no one will know.

Look at my handlebar of Kleenex. I made it from the box of Kleenex. It’s a good disguise to go.

Happy Holidays.
Track Name: Fifth Day of Christmas
I got you the essence of Wilbur’s house.

It smelled of him.

His mom fed him Haribo.

His basement glowed.

The gift of smell is transferring my memory.

Happy holidays.
Track Name: Sixth Day of Christmas
I got you some razzamatazz. This Christmas, I got you some razzamatazz, but I left it at Buffalo Bill’s on Christmas Eve.
Track Name: Seventh Day of Christmas
Here's a blanket somebody left at my house. He didn’t want it back. The tag says Germany, he's from France. Buddy, cut me some slack. It’s warm it’s warm, it’s warm, it’s warm. It's made for snow-covered forest cabins and lean to’s.
Track Name: Eighth Day of Christmas
I got you half of a coconut face
it fits on a softball all over the place
i call this the andrew lloyd webber pitch
baseball is fun with a light saber switch
i like the fastball!
Track Name: Ninth Day of Christmas
These ZZ Top keys are fired-up bubble gum.
Put it in your mouth it’s the opposite of yum yum.
Some things are just not fun.
Track Name: Tenth Day of Christmas
I cut up the all the stops of a Monopoly board

to a house of cards where your old wallet is stored now.

Your wallet is old you should get one that’s new.

I guess I could have gotten you one,

but I blew it on monopoly. Happy holidays!
Track Name: Eleventh Day of Christmas
scratched off
scratch offs
booked with holes, yarning stitched
reprogram methods whispered near
“wish” and “lotto” have been switched
there’s an mp3 that goes with this
it’s wind going through a plastic sheet
I put a lot of thought in your Christmas present this year.
Track Name: Twelfth Day of Christmas
see that guy standing there
giving two cents to the young guy's ear
he’s being loud
'cause he’s been around
but more so cause he wants everyone to hear
that he’s invested in a winter chair
look underneath your current chair
there’s a bag of brittle under there
i saw it there the day before i left
if no one claims it, I’d say it’s yours!
happy holidays!